The 1st Professional Animated Series Since 1973

“Star Trek: Beyond The Stars” is the first animated Star Trek series since 1973. It is the only CGI-animated series produced by Star Trek professionals. It will chronicle the adventures of four starships and four very different crews as it spans the entire history of the Federation in a non-linear and multi-generational storyline. “Star Trek: Beyond the Stars” is the story of a family, and that family is Starfleet.


This is not a crowdfunded project.


Manny Coto

Executive Producer of Star Trek Enterprise
This is the most dynamic pitch i’ve ever heard. I’m going to fight to turn these creatures into the next villains of the Star Trek Franchise.

Larry Niven

For years Jimmy Diggs has been working to re-involve felinoids with the Star Trek universe. I’ve watched with interest and pleasure. I found his recent script most entertaining, and pretty much true to the original concept. I’ve always hoped he could make it work. 

DC. Fontana

Star Trek Writer
The Rakshasa are the most unique race ever encountered on Star Trek. Completely alien in appearance, culture and language, they are a formidable enemy looming on Star Trek’s event horizon. One Rakshasa is a deadly obstacle. An entire fleet is unthinkable – except by Jimmy Diggs and the captains of Star Fleet as they face the return of the pride. 

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