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The First Star Trek Animated Series since 1973
To Boldly Go Where Only Dreams Have Gone Before

“Star Trek: Beyond The Stars” is the first animated Star Trek series since 1973. It is the only CGI-animated series produced by Star Trek professionals. It will chronicle the adventures of four starships and four very different crews as it spans the entire history of the Federation in a non-linear and multi-generational storyline. “Star Trek: Beyond the Stars” is the story of a family, and that family is Starfleet.

Star Trek writer Jimmy Diggs, has written more episodes of Star Trek than any other freelance writer in the history of the franchise. In this series, he introduces Star Trek’s 7th Deadly Villain, a villain that was destined for introduction in the 5th season of “Star Trek: Enterprise.” Unfortunately, the series was canceled before their unveiling.

Actor Tim Russ, will reprise his role as Vulcan Security Officer Tuvok from the series “Star Trek: Voyager.” Tim’s Daughter Madison will Portray Tuvok’s daughter T’Paan in the first multi-generational casting in Star Trek history.

Internationally renowned actress Gigi Edgley has also joined the cast of STBTS. Gigi will portray a fighter pilot and squadron leader aboard the United Federation of Planets Aerospace Carrier, “U.S.S. Kitty Hawk.” Gigi played the mischievous Chiana in the critically acclaimed sci-fi series Farscape.

Actor Garrett Wang will reprise his role as Captain Harry Kim, having been promoted to command the Deep Space Nine station.

Actress Mira Furlan will portray the Vulcan ambassador to the Federation.

This is the youngest and most diverse group of actors ever cast in a Star Trek television series. Thanks to motion capture technology these actors can emote and interact in a way that has never been seen before.

“This is the most dynamic pitch I’ve ever heard. I’m going to fight to turn these creatures into the next villains of the Star Trek franchise.”
~ Manny Coto, Executive Producer of Star Trek: Enterprise



Jimmy Diggs

Series Creator, Writer, Director
Jimmy Diggs has written more episodes of Star Trek than any other freelance writer in the history of the franchise.



Scott Crawley

Scott is the director of Sharp Focus Media Academy. 

Max Di Carlo

Max is a composer and has created music for every member of the cast.

llian Breen

Director of Photography
The Director of Photography and Motion Capture consultant. 



Chris Newstead

CGI Designer & Modeler

Matt Burkey

Animator, Digital Artist, Video Editor

Robert Harris

CGI Designer


Martial Artists

Rob Moses

Movement Alchemist
Sifu Rob Moses worked on Kung Fu – The Legend Continues and Kill Bill.

Eric Walsh

Martial Artist
Eric learned Kung Fu from Sifu Rob Moses.


Martial Artists 

Michelle Manu

Martial Artist


Martial Artist

William Ford

Martial Artist



Kevin Valen

Kevin is the head video editor for Star Trek: Beyond the Stars 

Cassandra Orman

Cassie is one of the editors of Star Trek: Beyond the Stars.

John Grim Soree

Makeup Artist
John Grim Soree is the makeup artist for Star Trek: Beyond the Stars.


Graphic Artists

Jim Wibel

Graphic Designer
Jim is a graphic designer. 

Ellen Siders

Graphic Designer
Ellen is a graphic designer. 


Jimmy Diggs Credits

Dr. Bashir, I Presume

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 5.16
Doc Louis Zimmerman has selected Bashir to be the new model for the EMH program, and finds out many details about Bashir’s personal life.
First Aired: February 22nd, 1997 


Star Trek: Voyager 2.04
Space-borne lifeforms attach to Voyager and cause Kes’ fertility cycle to begin. There is only one chance for a child, so Neelix considers becoming a father.
First Aired: February 3rd, 2009 


Star Trek: Voyager 3.19
 Neelix and Tuvok try saving a group of people who are caught on a planet being bombarded by asteroids. Soon Neelix is pushed to breaking point by Tuvok.
First Aired: February 26th, 1997 


Jimmy Diggs Credits

Concerning Flight

Star Trek: Voyager 4.11
An alien with a powerful transporter-device steals all the computer equipment off Voyager, leaving it adrift. Janeway is accidentally transported and must use DaVinci’s help to return the equipment.
First Aired: November 26th, 1997 

The Omega Directive

Star Trek: Voyager 4.21
After being hit by a unusual subspace shock wave, its revealed that it was from the ‘Omega particle’ an energy source of such immense power that Star Fleet directives order any trace of it destroyed.
First Aired: April 15th, 1998 


Star Trek: Voyager 4.25
With a large dangerous nebula in its path, the crew go into stasis forcing Seven-of-Nine to pilot the ship alone through the treacherous territory, and as the ships systems begin to fail – so does her sanity.
First Aired: May 13th, 1998 


Jimmy Diggs Credits

Infinite Regress

Star Trek: Voyager 5.07
Hit by an alien weapon, Seven begins taking on the personalities of those victims the Borg have assimilated, and they start taking their revenge out on her mind.
First Aired: November 25th, 1998 


Star Trek: Voyager 5.13
Tuvok, Tom and the Doctor become trapped on an alien planet where Tuvok gets close to alien woman (Lori Petty) who brings up his past memories.
First Aired: February 3rd, 1999 

Eye In The Sky

Star Trek: Voyager
Neelix discovers a powerful subspace interferometer, a device that allows the viewer to observe a planet 10,000 light years away in real time. As he eavesdrops on an alien scientist, he witnesses that scientist commit a murder. Suddenly, as Neelix watches, the alien turns around and stares him directly in the eye.
Sold but this episode was not produced. 


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