Tim Russ

Commander Tuvok
Tim will reprise his role as Commander Tuvok. 

Gigi Edgley

Commander De LaCour
Gigi will portray a highly skilled and respected fighter pilot. She is a Squadron Leader aboard the United Federation of Planets Aerospacecraft Carrier, “U.S.S. Kitty Hawk.”

Mira Furlan

Vulcan Ambassador
Mira will play the Vulcan ambassador to the Federation.

Garrett Wang

Captain Harry Kim
Garrett will reprise his role as Captain Harry Kim, in command of Deep Space Nine. 


Ethan McDowell

Commodore Jack Remington
Ethan will play the commandant of Star Fleet Academy, Commodore Jack Remington. 

John Windtaker

Admiral John Windtaker
John Windtaker Luna is a full blooded member of the Navajo Nation and will play the Commander of Star Fleet. 

Sherrice Hardie

Cadet Sonaak
Cadet Sonaak is from the planet Vulcan and serves aboard the U.S.S. Michael Piller.

Sarah Long

Cadet Raven Decker
Sarah will play Cadet Raven Decker aboard the U.S.S. Michael Piller. 

Kevin Valen

Cadet Alexander Darwin
Kevin will play Cadet Alexander Darwin aboard the U.S.S. Michael Piller.

Alise Willis

Cadet Ve'aga Kix
Alis will play the alien, Ve’aga Kix aboard the U.S.S. Michael Piller. 

Jonathan Sterritt

Ambassador Dona'Tal
Jonathan will play the Trypophobian Ambassador, Dona’Tal. 

Gabriel Gentile

Rakshasa Crewman
Gabriel will play several Rakshasan voices.

Ashley Nicole

Ashley will play a Cadet aboard the U.S.S. Michael Piller.

Kiana Tavares

Computer Voice
Kiana will play the voice of the computer. 

Athena Aguila

Cadet Caria Sensa
Caria Sensa is a cadet at Star Fleet Academy. 




Ship's Mascot
Brutus will play the ship’s mascot aboard the U.S.S. Michael Piller.

Rachel Tatge

Cadet Amanda De LaCour
Amanda De LaCour served aboard the U.S.S. Michael Piller.